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Kel-Pro | Kelly Moore Paints

Kel-Pro | Kelly Moore Paints

Kel-Pro is a line of professional quality latex paints and enamels designed as a decorative finish with dependable performance at a very low VOC.

Good for use on walls, trim, and ceiling surfaces in residential, commercial, and maintenance applications. Kel-Pro can be used on drywall, plaster, masonry, metal, wood, and hardboard. A good choice for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, classrooms, and much more.

Available in flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss, finishes with light to medium color options.

# Features Available
1 Excellent Coverage
2 Lasting Impression
3 Decorative Finish
4 Good Touch-Up
5 Low Odor &Very Low VOC
Inspire Exterior by kelly moore

Inspire Exterior | Kelly Moore

Inspire is a line of high quality exterior paints and enamels designed to provide a smooth, beautiful finish with lasting durability. The self-priming, easy to touch up formula reduces application time. The mildew and UV resistant finish keeps surfaces looking better for longer.

Excellent for use on walls, trim, and accents in residential and commercial applications. Inspire can be used on stucco, masonry, metal, wood, and hardboard. Ideal for homes, businesses, schools, and much more.

Available in flat, low sheen satin, and semi-gloss finishes with a wide range of color options.

# Features Available
1 Attractive Quality
2 Smooth Application
3 Easy Touch Up
4 Low Odor & VOC
5 Self-Priming
6 Mildew & UV Resistant
Siding & Fence Stain Paint & Enamels  | Kelly Moore Paints

Siding & Fence Stain | Kelly Moore Paints

Siding & Fence Semi-Transparent and Solid Color Stains are premium quality waterborne stain that provides outstanding hide, superior UV protection, and excellent moisture resistance to exterior wood surfaces while preserving their natural wood texture and grain. This advanced formula is self-priming and can seal new wood surfaces.

# Features Available
1 Showcases Wood Texture & Grain
2 Excellent Weather Resistance
3 Water Clean-Up
4 Self-Priming

The Go-To Group for Commercial Painting in Yosemite, CA

Quick for all things painting, Yosemite residents turn to Hand Painting. Particularly commercial buildings require aesthetically beautiful exteriors to uphold a positive brand reputation and create an inviting space for potential customers. Poor external maintenance does little to entice potential customers to use your brand.

Jesse McCandless Painting's exterior commercial painting services in Yosemite, CA, may help your company stand out from the competition while also having outstanding curb appeal. An otherwise plain facade can be made to feel welcoming and capture the attention of passersby with just a fresh coat of paint.

house exterior painting by McCandless Painting

Painting and staining of the Deck and Fence FAQs :

How Do I Begin Finding the Best Painter Locally?

For your future project, seek several bids from several businesses, look at customer testimonials, and meet with various teams to choose the finest painter. Jesse McCandless is pleased to provide you with a free, up-front estimate. We are thrilled to have hundreds of satisfied customers in Yosemite, CA.

What Will the Price of My Painting Service?

Any painting and staining project will have a wide range of costs depending on a number of variables. For instance, the type of paint and finish we use, the surface we're painting, and the amount of prep work required before paint application all affect the cost of a painting project.

Make an appointment with us today for a consultation to get the exact cost of your painting project. Jesse McCandless Painting thinks you should have access to free estimates and in-person consultations, so make your reservation right away!

When should I plan to have my fence stained?

It's ideal to plan a fence staining service for a sunny but temperate day for the greatest results. To guarantee appropriate paint adherence and application, we also prefer to paint when the temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and when the humidity isn't too high.

Get a Complimentary Professional Color Consultation

Spending a lot of time in front of the store's paint samples? Request a free color consultation to get assistance choosing the ideal hue. You'll be pleased with the project's outcome when you entrust our color specialists with helping you choose paint colors, whether they are traditional or modern.

Let us improve the curb appeal and value of your house or place of business. We tackle every stage of the process, from preparation to cleanup.

Book Free Color Consultation

Contact Yosemite's Deck and Fence Painting Professionals now.

We can realize your idea, whether you are completely certain of what you want or need assistance weighing your options. Avoid allowing your outdoor constructions to completely decay so that you regret the high cost of replacement.

To speak with our staff about deck and fence painting in Yosemite, CA, call Jesse McCandless Painting at (209) 677 - 9566 or click the Free Estimate button below.

# Services Available
1 Exterior Painting
2 Interior Painting
3 Deck Painting
4 Fence Painting
5 Deck Staining
6 Limewash Painting
7 Metal Painting
8 Trim/Door Painting
9 Drywall Repair
10 Pressure Washing
11 Barn Painting
door painting by McCandless Painting

Professional Exterior Commercial Painters

We offer a comprehensive range of commercial exterior painting services for various property types. Through the provision of unrivaled painting services, we are dedicated about assisting nearby Yosemite businesses. We routinely provide outstanding results with premium paints and a skilled group of expert painters.

  1. Retail Space & Offices
  2. Facilities, schools, and hospitals
  3. Religious Structures
  4. Fitness Centers & Gyms
  5. Restaurants and Hotels
  6. Light industrial structures such as storage facilities and fuel tanks

Being Prepared for Exterior Painting

  1. There are no dog messes in the garden.
  2. Remove items from the home.
  3. Trim the hedges and take care of the grass and weeds growing up against the house.
  4. Before painting can start, vehicles must be parked in the garage or on the street.
  5. Throughout the painting process, allow access to water faucets.
  6. Keep kids and pets away from our staff, the paint, and the materials. Your family's safety is something we want to ensure. If your pet need access to the garden, kindly arrange it with our staff.
  7. The house must be cleared of all decorative/string lights.

While sometimes checking in on our staff is OK, they function best when left alone. The final product of painting projects always looks the best.

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