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Envy Interior / Exterior Enamels | Kelly Moore Paints

Envy Interior / Exterior Enamels | Kelly Moore Paints

Envy Enamel is a super-premium interior and exterior enamel designed for high performance architectural and light industrial projects. The acrylic urethane formula provides excellent hide, adhesion, and durability while drying quickly for fast project turnaround.

Excellent for use on cabinets, handrails, doors, and much more in residential and commercial applications. Envy Enamel can be used on wood, hardboard, metal, drywall, and masonry.

Envy Enamel’s Lifetime Warranty ensures long-lasting protection and beauty.

Available in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss finishes with a full range of color options.

# Features Available
1 High Performance Durability
2 Hand Oil Resistant
3 Excellent Adhesion
4 Resists Sticking & Blocking
5 Fast Drying
DuraPoxy HP Interior/Exterior by kelly moore

DuraPoxy HP Interior/Exterior | Kelly Moore

DuraPoxy HP is a high performance acrylic urethane enamel designed for excellent durability, adhesion and block resistance. Perfect for use in high performance architectural and light industrial applications.

DuraPoxy HP can be applied to properly prepared drywall, wood, hardboard, masonry and metal. An excellent choice for kitchen cabinets, entry doors, furniture, hand rails, DTM applications, floors, and much more.

Available in satin and semi-gloss finishes with a full range of color options.

# Features Available
1 Fast Drying, Factory-Like Finish
2 Durable & Easy to Clean
3 Dirt & Mildew Resistant
4 Resists Sticking & Blocking
5 Hand Oil & Chemical Resistant
6 Flash Rust Inhibitive
Siding & Fence Stain Paint & Enamels  | Kelly Moore Paints

Siding & Fence Stain | Kelly Moore Paints

Siding & Fence Semi-Transparent and Solid Color Stains are premium quality waterborne stain that provides outstanding hide, superior UV protection, and excellent moisture resistance to exterior wood surfaces while preserving their natural wood texture and grain. This advanced formula is self-priming and can seal new wood surfaces.

# Features Available
1 Showcases Wood Texture & Grain
2 Excellent Weather Resistance
3 Water Clean-Up
4 Self-Priming

In Pine Mountain Lake, CA, excellent commercial painting

Owners of businesses are aware that sustaining operations and stellar client relationships keeps their business on the path to success. However, many disregard the significance of preserving lovely physical attributes to go along with their abilities.

Prospective customers form ideas about your firm as soon as they enter the facility, regardless of whether your business is based in an industrial building, a storefront, an office, or a warehouse. Therefore, maintaining your commercial space lovely with frequent aesthetic updates and fresh coats of paint guarantees stakeholders maintain the greatest opinion of your business.

commercial painting by McCandless Painting

Employ painters who can complete the entire project.

HowFull-Service Commercial Painting

Each commercial facility needs particular services. Our experts are familiar with the entire spectrum of interior business painting services and can guarantee project success. Check out the tasks below that we can complete for your company:

Rebranding of stores

A thrilling opportunity to embrace a new brand is presented by selecting new colors and logos for your company. In order to match your physical location with your new corporate vision, our experts offer store rebranding.


The initial view of the interior of your property is through the doors. With the help of our door painting services, maintain these features.

Even your stairwells need to be painted once in a while to stay in top shape. Our experts can manage the job whether the rails, walls, or stairs appear to be in poor condition.

Installing Commercial Wallpaper

The ideal solution for your business' interiors may be wallpaper. In these situations, our experts deliver first-rate business wallpaper installation.

Get a Complimentary Professional Color Consultation

Spending a lot of time in front of the store's paint samples? Request a free color consultation to get assistance choosing the ideal hue. You'll be pleased with the project's outcome when you entrust our color specialists with helping you choose paint colors, whether they are traditional or modern.

Let us improve the curb appeal and value of your house or place of business. We tackle every stage of the process, from preparation to cleanup.

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Knockdown and removal of popcorn ceilings

The hardest surface to paint is popcorn texture on ceilings. For a cleaner look, we can take down your popcorn ceilings and replace them with smooth drywall.

Painting cabinets

The practical and aesthetically pleasing qualities of these structural characteristics are advantageous in rooms with cabinetry. The room might be revived by repainting or selecting a fresh color for the cabinetry. To enhance the inside of your business, we specialize in painting commercial cabinets.

# Services Available
1 Exterior Painting
2 Interior Painting
3 Deck Painting
4 Fence Painting
5 Deck Staining
6 Limewash Painting
7 Metal Painting
8 Trim/Door Painting
9 Drywall Repair
10 Pressure Washing
11 Barn Painting
commercial job by McCandless Painting

Wallpaper removal

Our professionals can remove wallpaper and carry out the necessary prep work to get the room ready for the task if you want to paint over it instead of wallpaper.


The appearance and feel of your home can quickly deteriorate due to cracked, chipped, or faded paint. To keep your place looking clean and professional, choose our specialists for wall painting services.


Trim Painting trim work is the ideal technique to make the interior of your commercial building stand out and draw customers to your company.

Being Prepared for Exterior Painting

  1. There are no dog messes in the garden.
  2. Remove items from the home.
  3. Trim the hedges and take care of the grass and weeds growing up against the house.
  4. Before painting can start, vehicles must be parked in the garage or on the street.
  5. Throughout the painting process, allow access to water faucets.
  6. Keep kids and pets away from our staff, the paint, and the materials. Your family's safety is something we want to ensure. If your pet need access to the garden, kindly arrange it with our staff.
  7. The house must be cleared of all decorative/string lights.

While sometimes checking in on our staff is OK, they function best when left alone. The final product of painting projects always looks the best.

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